The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.
— Nolan Bushnell, Atari Inc Founder

What We Do

Problem deconstruction & Framing Workshops

Get to the heart of a complex issue and discover the factors that drive it through our Problem Deconstruction & Framing exercises. During our workshops, we apply a specific method of critical thinking that leverages Structured Analytic Techniques (SATs) to clarify and chunk complex problems to ensure the best solution.

creativity & strategic facilitation

Discover truly plausible possibilities in all areas of business and shape them into practical realities through our Creative & Strategic Facilitation. Our approach establishes a collaborative environment that helps individuals express themselves fully, pushes groups to their creative limits, and clarifies key insights as they emerge.

Innovation Pipeline Design & Implementation

Design and implement an innovation process from end-to-end – from how and from where an idea is generated all the way to getting into users’ hands. Our innovation pipelines provide our clients with all the parts necessary to build and deliver products and services at speed and at scale.

Product development

Go from idea to successful product release by focusing on the customer from step one. We develop a personalized strategy for each client based on their needs and business objectives. Our approach helps drive innovation for our clients and connects them with end-users for marketplace success.

tech scouting & Investment Dealflow

Navigate the fierce and high-risk startup and emerging-technology frontier with advice from our experienced experts. Every member of our team is deeply entrenched in the particularities of launching and growing business ventures that solve real problems. Our firm gives you an holistic approach, so your company can get the best competitive advantage.


Bring new innovation tools and methodologies to your organization to start an innovation process that improves product development, recruiting, communication, marketing and more. Whether it’s Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Human Centered Design, or another method, our team not only has experience teaching it, but applying it within startups and large organizations.